Harry the Cockatiel

“A member of our family has a new cochlear implant for hearing and Harry is constantly calling when not being paid attention to.  This causes actual physical pain.  Sadly we have decided that it would be best for everyone if she could find a loving new home.

From her early days, when we actually discovered she was a female, she has shown an inclination to lay eggs and breed. She is very friendly and loves attention, as a pet, but would likely be suited to a situation where she would be allowed to breed, but we’re not sure whether that is wise.

She loves to cuddle and have head rubs.  Loves to be the center of attention.  Is snoopy.  Has a complete cage, bird pole (aka cat pole) and climbing ropes, with a couple of play pens.  Has a separate plate that she eats off when her human flock is eating.  Loves brown rice, cauliflower, pepper seeds, mashed potatoes, and carrots.  Is a bit of a delicatessen bird that likes her carrot treats shaved, not chopped. Her favorite treats are almonds or cashews.  Would supply her with extended food supply.

If you know anyone who might be interested, I would love to hear from them.  We live in Nanaimo.”