Birds in our program are fostered for a minimum of 30 days to assess their heath, temperament, and behaviour. This period helps the bird settle into the program and helps us determine what type of home would be best for the bird. New foster homes are always needed and appreciated! If you are interested, please take a look at the requirements below:
  • We require all foster homes to fill out an application form and to allow a home visit to ensure the home is suitable, you can find the paperwork below:

formiconFoster Home Application

  • Society membership is strongly encouraged for new foster homes
  • Foster homes are responsible for providing proper care and gentle, loving attention for the bird(s) in their care for the minimum 30 day foster period or longer as required
  • Foster homes should be able to observe the bird(s) as to health, temperament, and behavour to help guide selection for prospective families wishing to adopt
  • Foster homes should be willing to invite adoption committee members and potential adoptive families into their home to meet the foster birds as required
If you are interested in helping out as a foster home, please contact