Ellie The Citron Cockatoo

“Due to my mother passing, I now have to parrots and two dogs. Ellie has been my parrot she was 2 years and I purchased her from Murray Creek aviary. The breeder thought she was a male I’ve always chosen for her to be female.

It breaks my heart to have to come to this decision because parrots require special people and they aren’t to be tossed around from home to home. However I have come to realize that the time I have just isn’t enough for her anymore. I want to give her quality of life.

She isn’t hand trained, but of course being a cockatoo she loves cuddles and scratches as long as she’s on her cage. She is very timid in many ways and has always been easily stressed.

What she needs is a home where she is the center of attention. She likes a lot of action and loves being talked to and doesn’t mind other birds as long as they are at a distance. She talks and mumbles and loves music and of course once she trusts you cuddles.

She has bonded with me, but I think overall loves men. She needs the right forever home with an owner that’s dedicated to her.

No actuall medical health issues, however she does has anxiety and simply requires much much more attention that I’ve been able to give her. She is timid and can scary easily until she is comfortable with her surroundings. For whatever reason she has always been like that. The breeder hand reared her but she never got a home therefore not handled for the first two years of her life. The breeder had said to me he thought (he) was a funny duck.